Office Automation Sys.




"A New Approach to Administrative Interactions"

Afagh softwares have given a new perspective of Office automation in which a wide range of transactions as well as meeting an extensive volume of administrative procedures has been considered. The software suite, which extends a form of senior management to all personnel and external audiences, bears a high success factor in organizations. Comprehensive coverage of user needs by Afagh Suites subsystems has added to its popularity amongst users.

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Server synchronization service, which is Afagh's exclusive solution in case of using decentralized servers, maintains the integrity of organizational automation. This feature has effective applications in situations where due to geographical scope, infrastructure limitations, and using a single communication platform, utilization of a centralized server is not possible for a given organization. Simple and User-Friendly Modeling

Afagh Presents an efficient, simple navigation software to model business procedures along with other parts of the Afagh Software Suite. Superb product efficiency and flexibility, along with its simplicity, allows designing forms and procedures with different levels of complexity. Also, producing any type of custom report in different sectors is available to users through easy-to-use tools and the modeling process is easily performed. Full integration of this product with other parts of Afagh Softwares enables organizations to design their specific-purpose forms and procedures within Afagh solutions without any dispersion of information and interface, and introduce it to the final user through the software.

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