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Afagh co. developed primary joint venture for producing time attendance and related systems including both hardware and software.

Now, we are proud of providing our services to corporations, organizations, foundations, factories, hospitals and hotels. Earning good experiences in this branch of IT combined with using new technologic harvest have enabled us to offer numerous novel products to the country’s market shortly after their appearance in world markets.

Our series of time attendance terminals started with model ST-751 based on Barcode and Magnetic stripe readers and continued to Contactless reader based model ST-2000. Currently, we are producing Biometrics models ST-PRO , ST-Shine , ST-Vision based on Fingerprint Identification/Verification modules and ST-FACE based on Face Recognition. Along with these terminals, the corporation has offered similar systems for other applications among them followings can be mentioned: Watchman patrols control system model Guard based on Contact less tags. Gate access control system models ST-100 and ST-300.

Besides these products, we have been doing some projects in different areas like Cargo tracking, and GPS tracking for governmental and private organizations. Also, we are providing Credit Parking-meter device based on RFID in the region.